Meetings 2021-05-20T05:16:42-03:00


Kickoff meeting (voices in Spanish and French):

On March 25th 2021 Dr. Diego Guerin and all groups participants of CHAVAX celebrate the initial meeting. The event took place at the National University of San Luis, in San Luis city, Argentina.

Press conference (in Spanish):

31th March 2021. Rectorat of the Universidad Nacional de San Luis (UNSL).

Panel (from right to left): Dra María Marta Branda (INFAP-UNSL), Dr. Rodolfo Porasso (IMASL-UNSL); Prof. Victor Moriñigo, UNSL Rector; Dra. Maecela Printista, Dean of the FCFMN-UNSL; and Dr. Diego Guérin, (IBF-CSIC-UPV/EHU), IP of CHAVAX project.

Colloquium on Chagas’ disease (in Spanish)

Auditorium UNSL, 31th March 2021.

RedVLP Kickoff meeting